About us

The Coliber Hotel is a pleasurable establishment, founded in Febuary 2018. The designer has paid special care to maintain top standards and create enjoyable and cosy ambience. Elegant furniture, comfortable beds, soothing colours, all that forms perfect conditions to work and relax. There are 14 rooms available to our guests, i.e. 21 beds.

The plans for expansion, due to start in the last quarter of 2018, will allow us to increase the number of available beds by 100%. The establishment will not only have new and comfortable bedrooms, but also a conference room, a sauna, a small gym, a luggage storage and a canteen with kitchen facilities.

The hotel is situated in Kłobuck, a town on the border of Wieluń Upland and Krzepice Depression. There are two rivers, White Oksza and Black Oksza (aka Kocinka), the latter one encircling partially the town at its southeastern border. Within the town limits there is a Dębowa Góra forest reserve and a Zamczysko reserve Apart from the wonderful nature , the town and its surroundings offer plentiful sightseeing possibilities of historical objects and those visited by pilgrims, including the following:

It is the most important historical monument in Kłobuck. The church was built in Gothic style with Baroque elements. There are historical altars, richly ornamented stalls dated back to XVII century, historical organs and a beautiful Rococo pulpit shaped as a boat. Originally the church was built of stone in 1144, it had been destroyed and riddled with multiple fires and then restored. In the 15th century the Kłobuck parish was one of the biggest in Poland and the parish priest was Jan Długosz, a famous chronicler of Polish history.

Water retention reservoir on the White Oksza River, with 9.5h of surface. The reservoir and its surroundings have been developed as an attractive leisure area. There is a beach, a pier that marks out a swimming area, a water equipment rental service. Playgrounds for children, changing rooms, outside showers and viewpoints have also been created. On the reservoir there are two small islands, about 100 meters from each other, their surface is approximately 20 m² each.

Directly neighbouring with the Hotel's surroundings there is a historical residence built in 1795 in Neo-Gothic style. The Palace had been built for a Prussian minister, Christian von Haugwitz. It is surrounded with 4.3 ha of park, also enlisted into the Register of Objects of Cultural Heritage.

A place for Slow-Food idea supporters. The Grange is an open-air museum with traditional, rural food. Traditional dishes, tasty, yet simple, are presented in cottages of unusual design. The specialty of the company is delicious, home-made ice-cream. A farm zoo with typical domestic animals, a playground, a stage and a viewpoint tower are an additional attraction.

It is the most important place of pilgrimage for Catholics in Poland. The Monastery was founded in the second half of VIV century, when the Władysław, Duke of Opole invited to Częstochowa in 1382 Pauline monks from Hungary. In 15th century Jasna Góra had already been a popular pilgrimage destination, even though the golden age of Marian devotion bloomed in the 17th century. The most precious treasure of Jasna Góra is the icon of Virgin Mary, known as the Black Madonna of Częstochowa or Our Lady of Częstochowa. It is the icon that attracts pilgrims from all over the world, who raise their prayers to the Virgin Mary and entrust her with their secrets, troubles and desires...

The 303 Museum in honour of Colonel pil. Jana Zumbacha is located in Napoleon, 19 km from Hotel Coliber. The museum is dedicated to Polish Aviation from the beginnings of aviation until present times, with special emphasis on World War II and the Battle of Britain. The collection and the main exhibition are dedicated mainly to Polish pilots from the Battle of Britain and include uniforms, overalls, bomber jackets, accessories, combat documentation, photos, decorations, personal items of pilots, and many other interesting souvenirs.

Establishment of the Museum of Przeworsk Culture and the Memorial Chamber of the Battle of Mokra is connected to May 9, 1975, when a monument was unveiled in honour of the heroes who died on the fields of Mokra on September 1, 1939. At that time, actions were taken to create a place where the memory of the victory of the Volhynian Cavalry Brigade would be honored with dignity. And so, in a modern form, a Chamber of Memory and Tradition was created, in which original exhibits from the battlefield, photographs, souvenirs and gifts from families of fallen soldiers were collected. The museum constantly cooperates with the Opole branch of the Institute of National Remembrance. In 2011, among others, an exhibition was organized of model tanks, warships and planes from the Second World War by Stefan Gadzina; a BMW R-71 motorcycle exhibition and an exhibition by Jacek Jaśkiewicz titled “Wolni i solidarni”.

Kłobuck is located very close to Częstochowa, the distance is only 16 km, so the Coliber Hotel can be a great starting point for excursions, either to visit Częstochowa, or to follow the Eagle's Nest Trail, which is the most famous tourist rout in the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland or Polish Jurassic Highland.

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